A Security Education to NIAns

     NIA, Tacloban City – Recognizing the threats to the security of our country and in our day to day activity, the National Intelligence Coordinating Agency (NICA) conducted the Security Awareness Seminar to NIA Staff, IMO Managers, Officer-in-charge and selected employees of the region.  It was held on August 19, 2016 at the Regional Office Conference Room.  The objective of the one –day seminar was to instill among government personnel security consciousness and strengthen security in the government in general.

     The NICA 8 Mobile Training Team of 5 was headed by Alvin T. Devaras,  Chief; Counter-Intelligence Division. The seminar covered five(5) topics namely, Introduction to Security and Counter- Intelligence; Document & Information Security, Personnel Security, Physical Security, Cyber Security with a bonus on Personal Security.  The NICA being the focal agency in the implementation of government security education came prepared to discuss the topics at hand with the participants listening intently to each discussant.  The NICA Team got the undivided attention of the group.  It was new as it was relevant with the times.

     According to the CI Division Chief, the weakest link to security is HUMAN.  He added, that one of the weaknesses that can be exploited is gulilibility or even jealousy because humans according to him tend to give TMI (too much information) by sharing stories and the like in social media.  Thus crime are committed.

     The NIA Regional Office for its part and recognizing the need to intensify  security in our workplace readily implemented the VISITORS ID and “No Vendors allowed” policy.  A good start to reckon with.