Collaboration Through Training: NIA Region 8 Strengthens Surveying Operations

Geodetic engineers and survey teams from various National Irrigation Administration (NIA) Irrigation Management Offices (IMOs) in Region 8 underwent a skills-enhancing training workshop titled "Reimagining Fieldworks: Ensuring Efficiency of Survey Teams Through Effective Surveying Practices" from May 22 to 25 at the NIA Regional Office Training Center, Tacloban City.

The four-day workshop spearheaded by the Planning and Design Section, provided participants with a refresher on both the theoretical and practical aspects of surveying activities. Re-evaluations of key takeaways from previous national seminars, understanding survey requirements in irrigation design perspective, conducting topographic and static surveying, utilizing GIS-based project mapping techniques, and introduction to photogrammetry and drone surveying were among the range of the sessions.

The NIA took this opportunity to assess various concerns of survey operations within region 8, from survey personnel competency to ensuring the availability and proper functioning of field equipment. The agency reasserts its support to address these issues and work towards streamlining the surveying practices across the region.