NIA Region 8 Training Center

THE NIA 8 TRAINING CENTER aims for the enrichment of learning and knowledge not only for its officials and employees but also for its partners in irrigation development—the farmers and other stakeholders. Thus, a three-storey and fully-air-conditioned training center was constructed within the NIA Region 8 compound in Marasbaras, Tacloban City, under the leadership of the former NIA 8 Regional Manager, Engr. Romeo G. Quiza. It was inaugurated on July 7, 2017 during the conference of the Association of Regional Directors and Operations Managers (ARDOMA) held at the said building. The total floor area is around 330 sq. meters, equipped with the following facilities:
        Ground floor    – Multipurpose hall with a maximum capacity of 100 persons
        2nd floor    – 3 seminar rooms which accommodate 60 persons and a conference 
   room intended for small group meeting
        3rd floor        – Lodging facilities with 9 bedrooms for guests/participants 
   (6 pax per room)

    Also, this building aims for the furtherance of the strong partnership of the agency, farmers and other stakeholders.